Yorkshire Dales Food & Drink Festival


The Yorkshire Dales Food & Drink Festival is the ultimate family weekend away. With celebrity cooking demonstrations, the best street food from around the UK, entertaining activities and great live music, the event is way more than just a standard food festival.

When we worked on marketing the Yorkshire Dales Food & Drink Festival, it was a brand new event with a small following but LOTS of potential. No-one knew if it would be a success, but it soon became clear that there was nothing to be unsure about.


Our team ran the marketing efforts of two sell-out events. To make each event a success, our strategy had to do three things: raise awareness of the event, generate excitement amongst the target audience - and ultimately - push ticket sales. So, here’s what we did (in a nutshell).

Key Services

  • Social media content

  • Created online graphics

  • Built a collection of brand assets

  • Designed merchandise

  • Video production

  • Strategic marketing campaigns

  • Email marketing


The numbers

13,000 tickets sold out, two-years running
Event page reached over 1 million people
Competitions reached 110,000 people organically
Videos reached a total of 107,000 views