Symonds & Greenham


Symonds & Greenham are a leading local estate agency, passionate about buying, selling and renting. Whether you’re a first time buyer, or have been on the property ladder for a while, they want their clients to receive the best results, in a short space of time.


The owners, Richard and Joe, wanted the brand to reflect their personality and to appear much more approachable than before. So, it was important that our work promoted the business in a positive, friendly and accessible light.

Although we wanted to inject personality into the business, our work needed to uphold a professional image for Symonds & Greenham to be taken seriously and to remain competitive. So, we were challenged to find the perfect balance between the two.


From branding and print materials, to web design, advertising and signage; we brought a more vibrant, streamlined appearance to the brand, which looks professional, trustworthy and stands out from the competition.

Branding, WebsiteJade Woodfield