Love Bomb


Who doesn’t love emojis?! Love Bomb Cushions are the sole official emoji license holder and create fun, high-quality cushions, keychains, slippers and shelf buddies based on our favourite keyboard friends. Love Bomb were looking for a team who would convey their cheeky personality through design and marketing, to engage younger generations with their brand online. They came to the right place.

Love bomb advertising Strawberrytoo

So far, we’ve created engaging videos, including a ‘Secret Santa’ campaign, produced print materials to wow potential stockists and created the most eye-catching exhibition stand that’s ever been seen - if we do say so ourselves!

Love bomb in stores Strawberrytoo

A playful tone of voice was utilised on social media, print materials and online graphics to truly reflect the brand’s character - and push sales of course.

Love bomb print collateral Strawberrytoo
DesignJade Woodfield