Hymers College

Social Media. Online Graphics. Video Production. Strategic Marketing Campaign Planning. Email Marketing. Print Materials. Photography. Print Advertising. Postal Marketing.

Hymers College is a top performing independent school in the heart of Hull for ages 8 - 18. It aims to set the standard of education in the North and we wanted to do the same with their marketing and materials! Our efforts so far have been in preparation for their Open Morning, encouraging new parents to confirm their attendance.

In order to increase these sign ups, we took over the Facebook, producing a series of strategic adverts to new audiences as well as engaging daily content that has increased the page likes by over double! We’ve also used email and postal marketing tools to reach new prospective families, as well as print adverts in relevant publications.

A bank of new photography and an exciting video production has given a new life to promotional visuals and the new set of prospectuses we’ve designed will make you smile from the first spread.


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