Work Experience // Louis Honca

Hi! my name is Louis. I’m currently studying a BA in Illustration at Hull School of Art and Design. I’m interested in history, mixed martial arts, drawing and philosophy. ✍️

During my time at StrawberryToo, I learned what the world of graphic design is really like in a professional agency and how valuable it is in the competitive market. Also, I had a great insight from Emma and Jess on the significance on how ideas are presented to clients. Furthermore, I learned a some handy skills on Adobe Illustrator, and some very helpful branding techniques from Alex in the marketing team. 👍

Before my work experience at StrawberryToo, I was stuck between choosing a career in freelance illustration and graphic design after graduation. StrawberryToo helped me understand how little I knew about the Graphic Design process in the real world, but also how rewarding, challenging and fun it is 😀. The experience has definitely given me food for thought regarding my future.

I believe the four days I had at StrawberryToo will be of huge benefit to me. I look forward to applying all the lessons I’ve learned to my own personal and professional work.

Everyone at StrawberryToo were very helpful, friendly and open. Despite being dedicated on their work, they were all very willing to drop whatever they was doing to give me advice and answer any questions I had. The StrawberryToo office is ridiculously cool, seriously you should all pop down and check it out. 👌

The brief was very fun and open ended, and gave me the opportunity to apply my own personal skills, whilst encouraging me to learn new skills along the way.

A big thanks to everyone in the team, and I hope to see you all down the road!