Work Experience // Ilona Buc

Iona Buc TW (1).jpg

Hello! 🙋🏻‍ My name is Ilona Buc and I’m currently studying Level 3 Business at Hull College. I’m very interested in the Marketing aspects of the course, which is why I’ve joined StrawberryToo for my work experience. I’m planning to go to the University of York next year and so I took this opportunity to help me decide if I want to study marketing.  

I’ve just finished my work experience here and I Ioved it! 💖

Over the past week, I’ve been working on social media marketing and advertising tasks, where I could explore my own creativity and come up with my own ideas. I’ve realised that I’m more creative than I thought! My time here has made me feel motivated and I’ve been able to express my imagination and experience what it’s like working in a real marketing agency. 💻👩🏻‍💪🏻

I’ve felt like a part of the team and I really believe that this is a studio where I could see myself working in the near future. I loved the way that I could actually take part in practical work and come up with my own ideas, as my last work experience was mainly made up of observations.

As soon as I walked to the office, the walls shouted ‘unique’ and it just looked like a place you’d want to work. StrawberryToo has a really co-operative team that’s very friendly and helpful, which made me feel comfortable from day one.

This experience has made me realise that marketing is something that I want a career in after studying it at Uni. 💯

Thank you for an this opportunity and an unforgettable experience. 💋