Work Experience // Ellie England

Hello! I’m Ellie, a third year history undergraduate at the University of Hull. Although history and marketing don’t always go hand in hand, many of the skills I’ve learnt at University are transferable between the two fields. The more and more I looked into it, the marketing industry seemed like a good fit for me. I am currently in the process of applying for a masters in advertising and marketing and wanted a bit more insight into the industry before I became fully committed.

From the second I set foot in StrawberryToo I was made to feel at ease. The whole team are really friendly and approachable, meaning I didn’t feel too awkward asking so many questions. Over my week there I was able to work on projects for real clients, something I didn’t expect, but really loved!

The power of social media has always been an interest of mine. The majority of the work experience briefs I was given were social media based, which was extremely helpful in seeing how each social platform works as a marketing tool. I was set a variation of tasks, which allowed me to see how I will potentially work as a marketing assistant in the future. I worked on briefs for four different companies; all within completely different sectors. As each brief had such different audiences and marketing needs, it allowed me to really see the way in which a marketing assistant tailors their work to each client. For instance, adapting writing style to suit different audiences - this was something I had considered but never put into practice before.

Before my work experience at StrawberryToo, I was unsure what a role in the marketing industry would entail, however from such a short time I have learnt so much. I mainly worked alongside Sophie so a big thank you for all your help! Coming from a very essay-based degree, I found it difficult initially to write in a more relaxed style. However, I hope this is something that I can work on with more practice.

Overall, my week at StrawberryToo taught me more than any business blog or marketing website could. The hands-on approach has allowed me to really get a feel of the industry. The office has the unique balance of professional yet friendly and certainly made my introduction into the marketing world all that more exciting. If you want a welcoming, busy week of work experience, StrawberryToo is definitely the place for you! 

If you're a graduate or student looking to get your foot in the door, email to book in your studio slot 😀