Will Garrod: The power of copywriting


Copywriting is integral to marketing. When done right, it inspires the audience to take action and engage their interest in the product or service being advertised to them. 

It’s all about emotion

There are now more platforms than ever before to spread creativity through persuasive language in advertising. Facebook. Instagram. Blogging. Google adverts. The list goes on and on. When writing any piece of copy for marketing, it’s essential to make the audience feel emotionally connected to, and invested in, the product or service being sold to them. As the consumer, they have to feel valued and feel the product is worthy of their time and money. Copywriting is an incredibly powerful tool which can ignite this spark in your audience, and give them the personalised experience they desire.

Keep it together!

But this isn’t any form of persuasive language - writing takes many different forms. In copywriting, (as I’ve discovered), essay-style writing just doesn’t cut it. Short and snappy is the way forward. Another thing to consider when it comes to copywriting for online marketing purposes is Search Engine Optimisation. Using key words and phrases is hugely important to ensure your website content filters to the top of the search results and is easily found by potential customers.

Top quality stuff...

Further, copywriting is extremely useful in improving the quality of user experience. As well as emotionally connecting to the audience, their actual journey with the product or service is also integral to effective marketing, and copywriting definitely forms part of this process. As well as providing the audience with positive perceptions of a product from an ad, it’s also useful for serving as a source of guidance - without words, how would they know the function of the product, its benefits, or where it can take them? And most importantly, how would questions be inspired and future improvements made? If you want to form relationships with your target audience and change their perspective for the better by shaping a branded and memorable experience, copywriting will certainly do the job!

It’s all around you!

Even without you realising, copywriting is everywhere. That’s because every product or service needs it to thrive and be successful on a large scale. The ubiquity of copywriting clearly shows it’s highly significant and has an impressive impact on audiences for a wide range of products and services. This means that you’re always responding to it in some capacity - even if it’s simply reading the title of a YouTube video, or scanning the front page of a holiday brochure, a great deal of attention has been paid to the language, and you’re engaging with it! Pretty remarkable.

The endless possibilities of copywriting mean that its power in the marketing sector will be sustained and will continue to exceed expectations - who knows where the power of human creativity through language will take us? 

Thomas Balaam-Reed