Analytics: trust us, you need to know!

Ever wondered what this ‘analytics’ thing is all about? We've broken down the ‘need to knows’ across a few blog posts to give you an insight about how, as a digital marketing agency, we do what we do to push our clients to the top - where they belong 😉. 

In this day and age, we have an epic amount of data analytics right at our fingertips… literally. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be using it to make complete commercial sense with all of our marketing decisions. 

Web analytics tools, like our bestie Google Analytics, give us tons of data in a real-time interface which helps us understand our audience behaviour and patterns on our websites. 

Basically, it’s ‘why’ and ‘when’ our audience traffic click on ‘what’. 

It can be ad graphic placement like ‘20% off’ (looking at you, secret shoppers) or pop-ups that hook us in last min with some catchy content - don’t worry, we’ve all been there. 🎣 

As marketers, we’re able to interpret the data and develop actions which should influence our website clicks or sales conversions, depending on our objectives. We use analytics to measure campaign performance and to decide our next move (it’s all very proper, isn’t it).   

With research showing positive relationships between digital campaign measurement and higher campaign performance, making sure we interpret the data effectively is key to staying on our ‘A’ game. 

Did you know? It’s not just website analytics.

We have social analytics through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, plus email analytics in Campaign Monitor and MailChimp - just to name just a few. Yep you’re right, there’s no escaping! 

Just remember, the metrics we use should also be in line with what our campaign objectives are - otherwise the whole thing’s pointless. After all, we have extremely valuable insight, so we might as well use it properly, right? 

And there’s a short introduction to analytics! In a nutshell, we analyse all the info we can and then decide our next move - nothing is ever chosen at random or just because we like it (trust us on this one...). 

Keep your eyes peeled for the next post - it’ll be all about different uses of analytics for aims & objectives and how we can use that data! We know you already can’t wait ;-)