Team Too’s Top Brands to Follow on Social Media


Here at Too, social media is what we do! We enjoy taking campaign inspo from some of the big brands who are killing it, which inspire us to come up with awesome ideas for our own clients. 😎👌

A brand becomes more than just a brand when it’s able to grab your attention with its tone of voice and cool visuals. If they’re able to make you look past the product and into the bigger picture that the brand represents, that’s when you know their social media game is strong! 💪

From sports brands to a computer software company, here are some of the top brands to follow on social media;

Alex - Nike

One of us had to choose this one 😉. Nike are one of the biggest brands on the planet 🌎. I love their social media because it makes me feel like I can do anything if I’m wearing Nike, and that’s how you sell! From their super inspirational and quirky visuals to the captions they use, their tone of voice really makes you feel invincible. 💪

In my opinion, they’re the kings of campaigns 👑. I still find myself watching back old ads from when I first discovered social media, and scrolling back through my own account, I can see that I used to share them all the time. I’ve developed brand loyalty towards Nike simply because of the brand image they have created. Nike are so huge, they have so many other accounts that focus on major locations around the world, and they’re killing it on all of them!

Follow them here… just do it! 😉

Sasha - Airbnb

A little out of the ordinary but if you are looking for some travel inspo then Airbnb is the one!🌴

Known to most as the trusted company to book unique accommodations around the world, I’m in love with their use of Instagram. Visually encouraging their followers to find out about their services, they do well to sell their brand from photography and a simple caption.

As someone who is keen to check off a few places from my bucket list, Airbnb are my go-to account for any recommendations, places to see and lifestyle imagery. Honestly, it just makes me want to grab my case, hop on a plane and have a cheeky cocktail (or two)! 😉

If you’re looking for a way capture the attention of your followers, then try Airbnb’s way of utilising the simplicity and beauty of Instagram - a picture is worth a thousand words! 📸

Take a trip to their go-to platform here.

Emma - Kodak

Making a big comeback, Kodak have come out of obscurity with a fresh faced social media presence. With cool and vibrant aesthetics throughout, featuring snaps from all over the world, they’re not to be missed!

Showing off the many different films and their qualities on display inspired me to start using film myself (I'm now a sucker for a good film shot) 😃. The diverse content which they continue to feature, from adverts, one-off featured photographers and short films, never fails to surprise me. It’s amazing the stories that can be told through a single shot - inspiring stuff!

Life through a lens is one not to be missed - head over to @kodak to bag yourself some inspiration to start shooting 📸

Whilst you’re there, check out their #kodakwoman campaign to champion women in the creative industry 💪👯

Capture the best of their work here.

Beth -  Adobe

Lacking in inspiration or just want to scroll through some cool images? 🎨 📷 You need to give Adobe’s Insta a follow. With a different theme every month and featuring work by creatives all over the world, you can really expect the unexpected from this brand’s account (not to plug their current theme #Adobe_Unexpected).

Perhaps the main reason I (and so many others) rate this account is because of the variety of work featured - from typography to photography, there’s always something different to capture your imagination 😍. Best of all, their work has been created/edited using Adobe software - showcasing the breadth of things you can create using the Suite, and the creative possibilities achievable using the brand’s software.

You don’t have to be a designer to appreciate this brand though. If your feed is lacking in bright and bold posts, this is a great one to follow.

In line with their most recent campaign, follow their Facebook here, and expect the ‘unexpected’ on their Instagram.

Last but not least.

We’re all in agreement with this one. With pages consisting of cool designs, intriguing blog posts, awesome people and industry news… StrawberryToo are well worth a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 😉