Rachel's Graduating from Too!


For our digital marketing intern Rachel, her internship here at StrawberryToo has sadly come to an end, boo! 😢 We’ve had the pleasure of having her on the team for the past 3 months and she’s produced some ace content. She’s now a Too graduate and will be flying the nest onto her next adventure!

What have you learnt during your time at Too?

This is such a difficult question to answer because I’ve literally learnt so much! Beside practical marketing skills, I think one of the biggest things I’ve learnt is to not be afraid to ask questions! It might sound daft, but it can be quite daunting asking what you may think is a ‘silly question’ when starting a new job, even if you’re told endless times to always ask if you’re unsure. After a short while, I learnt that you get much further if you speak up when you need a hand, or are unsure on a brief - no question is too silly! Nowadays, you can’t shut me up...

Favourite project you’ve worked on?

I’ve enjoyed working on each retainer, but my favourite would probably be Simon Farrar, just because Simon’s such a lovely client to work with. Writing his content was always fun, even if it did make me feel massively unfit! ;-)

What are you looking forward to doing next?

I have a content writing job lined up, so I’m excited to get stuck into another challenge and I look forward to seeing where that may take me...

Would you recommend the Too experience?

Definitely! My internship has taught me so much; it’s been a great stepping stone straight after uni and I honestly think applying was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only do you learn all about the practical aspects of the field, you also learn about yourself - which helps you to develop as an individual but also as a professional. Get applying guys!

Best Fat Friday lunch?

I always liked it when we’d go to ASDA and get two huge pizzas to share out between us! They’re soooo good 😍 🍕

The thing you will miss most?

The team! They’re all so ace and I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself half as much without them. Thank you for the opportunity guys, you’re all fab!