Premier League Social Media Champions!


The battle for the Premier League title is intense! But so is the battle for the social media trophy 🏆💪. The amount of people on social media who like sports is huge and particularly on Saturdays (matchdays), it’s the talk of the town and you will often find it trending. So, we think it’s worth seeing who’s top dog in England 🔝.

Don’t expect a shock, because your first or second guess is probably right…The PL king of social media is Manchester United 🔴. They top the table on all the main social platforms in terms of following with over 73 and a half million likes on Facebook, 16.7 million followers on Twitter and 20.2 million followers on Instagram! 🏆🏆🏆

Manchester United are also the ‘most engaged with (per 1000 fans) club in the Premier League, followed by Huddersfield and West Ham (stat via ‘campaign). So despite having such a huge audience, they have gone with an attacking approach and are connecting with more people than any other club. Hats off to the class of 2017/18 marketing team who are dominating the field 🙌.

So, who’s at the bottom for the table? The lowest number of posts goes to Bournemouth, the lowest volume of conversation is Burnley, whilst the least engagement and smallest community size is West Brom… 👎 (stat via ‘campaign).

Social media is a great way for any business to promote themselves, but for sports teams it’s the ultimate way! Teams can achieve a huge following based on loyalty alone 🙏. Sports audiences have a different kind of passion and love towards a particular team which they will follow both on and off of social media 😌.

Player influences help the team in many ways. New players who come from different countries can bring a new community of people to a club. An example is Coutinho’s transfer to Barcelona, which is likely to see a rise in Brazilians following them on social 🇧🇷.

For clubs like Huddersfield, before their recent promotion they focused more locally, and since moving into the Premier League and increase in international transfers, this has helped their accounts to grow and their relative change in fans went up 75% (stat via ‘campaign’).

Manchester United are the number one, but perhaps you think another club produces the best content, let us know in the comments below 😉⚽.