Introducing Alex - Our New Marketing Graduate!

Alex_Team Shot for Web.jpg

Hey, I’m Alex, and I’m the new Marketing Graduate at StrawberryToo. I’ve just finished my International Business degree at Lincoln Uni, where I also did a study abroad period in Leipzig, Germany! I got into digital marketing from making my own t-shirts so I could teach myself how to market to international markets through social media - my t-shirts are country themed. The opportunity to be a part of the StrawbToo team is a great chance for me to practice what I have learnt and develop even more, something I’m really excited about!

Guilty pleasure TV show?
I don’t watch it normally, but I used to like Jeremy Kyle. The storylines are just ridiculous which makes it so entertaining! 😅

Secret celebrity crush?
To be honest, that’s difficult... I know my ‘man crush’ is definitely Zac Efron. I copied his hairstyle when I was young, not Justin Bieber (thankfully!) I also like his clothing style.

Best chat-up line?
I can get my girlfriend to produce a list for you if it’s necessary 😬, I’ve used many but warning...they are awful. Maybe the winning line was ‘If you were a booger, I’d pick you’ 😉

Favourite meme?


What’s your shower song?
Kings of Leon - Use Somebody. The shower gives you the echo to make you believe that you can sing well, and this one reaches all the right notes for me, maybe not anybody else.😬

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever posted online?
Back when I discovered the magic of ‘paint’, I put my face on everything and everyone and posted it to my Facebook… I probably should have deleted them much earlier than I did 😂🙈

What food would you bring to Fat Friday?
Apple pie or apple crumble! In my opinion, it’s THE best dessert.

What’s your favourite social media platform and why?
Easy, Instagram. I love photography. I’ve been to some cool places, and my camera is always with me!

What's your favourite piece of StrawberryToo work so far?
My favourite would be Oliver Jane. I’m interested in marketing and design for clothing brands, and the guys have done a great job for this one! 👌

Set yourself three targets to achieve during your placement…
To bring new ideas and energy to my clients social media campaigns.
To develop my skills in analytics and experience in strategy.
To be a valuable member of the team - let’s go team StrawbToo! ✊

Jessica Clark