Kwizzbit Press Night @ Editor's Draught

These days pub quizzes are a bit of a thing of the past - they’re just not cutting the mustard, right? That’s where our client, Kwizzbit, has monopolised on the gap in the industry - designing a cloud based game designed to be played in real time.

What’s Kwizzbit all about?

It’s the same concept of a pub quiz but totally modernised. Kwizzbit has been created to become a fully interactive and digital quizzing experience. Gone are the days of tatty quiz sheets covered in spilt drinks and cheating Googlers ... (you know who you are!).

Kwizzbit is a cloud-based game, played over wifi or 3G internet connection, on a tablet or electronic phone device. It’s totally unique with analytical features such as the favourite ‘fastest finger first’, with a leaderboard that updates in realtime - that’s sure to fuel some healthy competition! 

How we got involved:

Business Entrepreneur, Mark Walsh, came to us looking to make the branding for his app as interesting and unique as his business idea. We worked on the website design, print materials and icon interface. You can check out the finished article 👉 here.

The next step for them had to be video...

Videos can be an essential marketing tool for businesses these days - whether it’s to aid a pitch, sell a product or to add to your website to improve user experience. Mark wanted an enticing and immediately engaging video, to aid him in big pitches for clients and showcase Kwizzbit in a working environment. 

Seeing the app in action made it obvious that’s it’s going to be a great success - players were clearly enjoying the whole experience and we’re so excited to see more events that Kwizzbit will be at the centre of.

Check out the video here.👇So, when will you be hosting your first Kwizzbit event?