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If you haven’t realised, the social media world seems to be in a process of change. Each platform is making moves to grow the industry and strengthen their position. We recently shared the news with you that Twitter has increased its character count to 280, now it’s the turn of Instagram. 😏

Grammers, prepare yourselves for exciting news! 😝 Instagram is currently testing the option for users to be able to follow hashtags. Yes that’s right - hashtags are an ever present feature of social media and is a place where it’s very socially acceptable to include up to 30 on your posts. This change is likely to give a much more positive reaction than that of Twitter’s case. 😳

The aim of this change is to take advantage of bringing people the visual content they are interested in - improving the engagement and time spent on the app. But perhaps this is a bad move if you’re already spending your time looking at #foodporn or #foodstagram, you’re never going to leave your phone alone… 😥😉

From a commercial sense, this will improve the advertising side. It will allow brands to target their ads to a more accurate demographic. If all goes to plan, users will be spending more time on the platform, opening up a greater window for companies to engage with potential customers.

But this is just at the early stages, keep up to date with our social channels to see what happens with this story.

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