Facebook Pixel: What is it and how can we use it?

What is the Facebook pixel

Pixel is a feature on Facebook that was actually introduced a little while ago, but recently came to the forefront as a tool that can be used to analyse website data and also optimise advertising campaigns. It gathers rich insights, allowing you to target your advertising budget towards those who are most likely to convert and you can also retarget those who have completed certain actions on the website. 

Facebook Pixel collects a variety of data including your audience demographics (age, gender, education level, interests) as well as which pages on your website are getting the most visitors (pixel fires). Although we use Google Analytics to delve into website statistics for our clients and also record data from our Facebook ads such as reach, engagements etc, Facebook Pixel brings a new dimension to this and almost connects the two together. 

We’re using this feature to push our social media clients forward. Setting up pixel has allowed us to capture a range of audiences for each client, so that we can create more specific ads that will see conversion figures rocket. It not only makes advertising easier, but it can also achieve business/marketing campaign goals more effectively and allow you to truly reflect on how successful your advert has been. We’re all about optimisation here!

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