6 Months of Design: A Catch up with Emma.


1: How has StrawberryToo helped in your career development?   

I can’t believe it has been 6 months since I started here!

From developing my communication and confidence skills, to getting to grips with Adobe Suite and braving contacting clients over the phone - Too has really given me the full package. Gaining industry experience is important, and I can’t thank the team for all their support so far. Not only have I completed projects from start to finish but my design skills have really improved (if I do say so myself) 👸.

If anything, one of the best things Too has given to me is the ability to take the lead in projects 😀. It’s fantastic to be able to use my creativity but I also know if I need to ask anyone any questions I can (shout out to all the Too guys - especially Beth and Jess).

2: What have you learnt?

Oh gosh - where do I start!

I don't think I can fit what I have learnt in to one blog post but if there was one thing, my InDesign skills are pretty decent. Though, there are areas I need to develop, I am working my way through it. But with the help of a great team and the big Strawb agency, I can’t wait to learn more 🙌.

3: What are you enjoying the most?

Everything! I'm loving the variety of each project I am involved in. Whether it is a leaflet, t-shirt design or a packaging project - every project has been unique in it’s own way! It's also great that we have big Strawb to look up to. The creative design team is always willing to help no matter what you need and they love to get you involved in all sorts of briefs! 👌

4: What has been your favourite project at Too?

Oh wow... this is a hard one (pauses to think..)

Well, there has been loads but I love working on our client Oliver Jane - though it does make me want to go to the beach! 🏖️ Since working on OJ I have seen it expand and grow and it has been fab to be part of the journey.

Keep your eyes peeled for more! 😉

5: 3 things you live by at work?

- My water bottle (trust me I spill everything - it’s a life saver)

- Confidence - although hard to build it up, it gets you so much further and definitely shows through in your work!

- Hard work! It pays off I promise you. Getting to see the final print on a design or even a banner in the flesh is so fulfilling and it makes you want to keep working harder!

(Also the sweets - they keep me going)

6: Advice for others

Always be confident, it helps a lot 😎. If ever in doubt, just ask for help (there is no such thing as a stupid question) and enjoy what you are doing - it makes everything better.

Take hold of all the opportunities that come your way. StrawberryToo has been nothing but fabulous from the very start - everyone is lovely and it has really changed my mindset since leaving University. The world of design used to scare me but now Too has changed that perception and I have definitely made the right choice.