Work Experience // Dylan Wainman



Hi, I’m Dylan! I study BTEC Media at St Mary’s College and I’ve just finished my week's work experience with StrawberryToo! I wanted to visit the studio because I’d heard so many great things about them and was curious to check it for myself!

 This week I have been working on the branding for a new restaurant - I put my own spin on the task and started to create a website as I’m mad for web design.

The designers at StrawbToo introduced me to a content management system I'd never used before. I began focusing on the front end design rather than the backend code I’m used to playing about with and I thought this was great! The task allowed me spend more time thinking about what the website would look like and I hope to use what I’ve learnt here moving forward.

I would just like to say a massive thank you to StrawberryToo for the opportunity and the amazing team of designers for answering my questions and showing me new tools!