Work Experience // Emma Bell

Hi, my name is Emma! I’m an A-level student at Wyke College where I study Graphic Design, Fine Art, and English Literature (last year I also did an EPQ focused on Andy Warhol!)

I’ve just finished my weeks work experience in the StrawberryToo studio and I’ve had a blast working on the briefs I was given.

The first task I got stuck into was creating a brand for a Vegan cafe. It gave me the chance to use Adobe Illustrator; something I’d never used before! It was the perfect task to get started with learning and experimenting on the software. Producing materials such as the logo, Facebook cover photo and posters was both challenging and fun: I liked creating different designs that fitted within the restrictions of the brief. I also learnt how to create mock ups which is something I can use in my coursework that other students may not know about.

Later in the week, I started to work on a brief for a coffee shop. It was fun to go down a contrasting route and see what new style I could come up with. I experimented a lot more with type and actually created my own typeface for the logo. I also enjoyed using Illustrator to draw free hand, which I’ve not felt confident about doing before, but creating little illustrations for the brief was the perfect practice!

I’ve loved sitting in the studio and witnessing the working environment and the team have been very helpful, teaching me useful tips and answering all of my questions. I am definitely more confident about continuing with graphic design - hopefully into a career!

Thanks for the experience, StrawbToo! 😊