2016 D&DA Award winners - our favourites

As the 2017 D&DA award winners are about to be announced, we found ourselves looking through the 2016 winning entries and thought we’d share some of our favourites and what we love about them. 

Beckie: ‘Instagram your Fridge’ - Smirnoff
Wood Pencil / Digital Marketing / Use of Social Media

Being a Digital Marketer, I thought it was only right I mentioned Smirnoff’s ‘Instagram Your Fridge’ campaign. People simply had to share photos of their fridge and its contents, and a Smirnoff mixologist would turn it into a bespoke cocktail, just for you. Not only did it make use of personalisation, a rapidly growing trend and an element thought to be very popular with consumers, but it was also highly interactive, engaging and inclusive - anyone could participate, providing they were of legal drinking age.

I love the fact it essentially transformed normal ingredients (and distinctly average photos), into unique, branded-up mixes. It got people sharing and talking and saw sales in New Zealand (where the campaign was based) rocket by 58%. If that’s not measurable campaign success, I don’t know what is. Love the creativity behind this one! 
Check out the campaign: http://bit.ly/2otIPb5.

Joey: FocusMotion
Wood Pencil / Product Design / Wearable Technology
Agency: R/GA

A solid foundation, clean interface and a brilliant concept for a piece of wearable technology. FocusMotion is an algorithm platform, used to track physical activity and training. The way in which R/GA have marketed their solution is stand out. The promo video highlights the drawbacks of existing technology, and goes on to highlight how FocusMotion has completely advanced basic concepts to provide a complete piece of tech, sufficient for modern-day physical activity.  

The use of simple motion graphics and kinetic type presented on top of the video slides shows off the key features, and presents it in almost real-time. An excellent piece of video promotion to match an equally excellent piece of technology - hats off to G/DA for producing such a great piece of work.

Take a look at the video here: http://bit.ly/2p3uFAq

Sophie: ‘Women’s Aid-Interaction’ - Women’s Aid
Wood Pencil / Media / Use of Interaction
Agency: WCRS

Although it can be controversial to celebrate success off the back of a campaign that touches on such a sensitive subject, I thought the awareness raised through crowd/public involvement with this interactive digital ad was so clever.

It consisted of an image of a badly beaten woman on a billboard with the caption ‘Look at me’. If people ignored it, her bruises got visibly worse.

The stats speak for themselves - 326.9 million people were reached through the facial recognition camera, raising awareness on a global level for victims of domestic abuse. 
See the campaign here: http://bit.ly/2pVvU32

Will: Springs’ Smokery
Graphite Pencil / Packaging Design / Consumer Packaging Design
Agency: Distil Studio

Simplicity and a great meaning behind an idea can often look better than the most bright, extravagant design. In this case, Distil Studio hit the nail on the head. Their design is one of the very few from 2016 that grabbed my attention because it wasn’t like anything else that won.
Instead of creating packaging that merely grabbed the attention of people, they used the historic background and brand values that surround Springs’ Smokery and utilised them to create something which has meaning.

Design that makes you think and also has a genuine and authentic story behind it will always out-trump design without purpose or meaning.

Do any of these take your fancy? Tweet us and let us know your thoughts: @Strawbtoo! See the other winning designs here: http://bit.ly/2pWNZ0G