Want to be a designer?

So, you’re considering starting a career as a designer?

“But what exactly is a designer?”, I hear you ask 🤔. Truth be told, there’s not a set answer. The thing is, designers can be specialists in specific areas, such as graphic design, web design, and product design. But at the same time, it’s not uncommon for designers to work on projects which may involve bits of all three. It depends on who you work for. Some companies recruit for roles which are specialist, some require you to be more diverse.

Our three designers at StrawberryToo have each made their way to the role in their own, different way. Beth & Shona studied design at University before coming to Too to hone their skills. Tom, our apprentice, has hands-on learning experience when he’s at the office, which complements his studies at college.

Now you might be asking “but what do designers do on a day-to-day basis?”. So, what better people to ask than our wonderfully creative designers, themselves! Here’s an outline of the team’s responsibilities, as well as some useful tips and tricks to help you on your pursuit of becoming a designer.  

“What does being a designer mean to you?”

It means being constantly creative. It’s applying skills and creativity into a design as a form of communication to result in a successful outcome for a client.
Shona - Graduate designer

“What are the challenges that come with being a designer?”

The main challenge that comes with being a designer is that everyone can have a valid opinion on your work and can tell you if something looks good or not, without it being ‘right or wrong’. Because something looking ‘good’ is a matter of opinion, you can’t back your choices up with facts and stats. The way to tackle this, is to make sure your design choices are always informed. No, it’s not always black and white, but you can give context to your design choices, and explain why you’ve done something and the thought processes behind your work.

Tom - Apprentice designer

“Do you have free roam on projects as a designer?”

The great thing about working at Too is that, a lot of time, we’ve the freedom to produce really creative and bold outcomes for our clients. However, sometimes a client will approach us with a specific vision and it’s our job to realise that idea. It’s really great to have a mixture of the two - from those which allow you to be as creative as possible, to those that require a lot more refined creativity. The variety is what tests us, and - aside from making our jobs more diverse - is great for development.

Beth - Lead designer

“How does the role change for graphic, and website projects?”

Fundamentally, the roles are the same throughout all areas of design. You always have to consider your target audience and purpose, whether you’re producing a graphic, or working on a website. However, different technical skills might need to be employed depending on the brief you’re working on. It’s all about channelling your creativity into the necessary output!

Beth - Lead designer

“What do you enjoy most about being a designer?”

Getting to see your work in action is a great feeling! Especially if it's a big printed piece or something that’s shared with a broad audience on social media!

Shona - Graduate designer

“What tips would you give to someone looking to be a designer?”

Enthusiasm is key when it comes to projects and being a designer. Enthusiasm will motivate you and help fuel your creativity with everything you do and whatever criticism you may face. When you get given that criticism, make sure to not only apply it in that situation but to also be constantly thinking about how you can apply that criticism, to other, future work. Think of it, constructively.

Tom - Apprentice designer

Want more info on being a designer? Get in touch here: http://bit.ly/2zB6NZD

Darren Smith