Transitioning from education to the workplace


Education is invaluable. Many of us have come from University or College and have learnt so much in our respected fields that can be applied to what we’re doing in our current roles and benefit us in the workplace.

The questions you may be asking yourself are “what is life like at work?” and “how does this differ from life at College or University?” The team have shared their thoughts on what they think about the transition from education to the workplace and suggest some tips which may be helpful for you.

How does the world of work compare to education?
Landing your first job straight after education is probably the most exciting and valuable step in your career. This is the time to really start applying what you’ve learnt to the world of work, whether directly from your degree subject itself, or the wide range of skills that studying has enabled you to build: independence, resilience, critical thinking and teamwork - to name a few.

You may have thought the learning stopped after sitting your last university exam, but in reality, it only continues when stepping into any job role. There is - of course - a wealth of knowledge, skills, theories and models which will be applicable from your degree, but there will also be new information that you’ll need to pick up on to be competent.

So whatever your career step after education, even if you have no idea where your future lies, know that you’re acquiring valuable abilities, strengths and personal qualities that will be great use in all aspects of your career!

(Jenessa, ‘18 Nottingham Trent University)

What advice would you give to anyone who’s worried about going into the workplace?
It may seem a scary step to take at first, but there is really nothing to worry about. Always keep an open mind and be excited for a new adventure 😁. Everyone has been in the same boat as you at one point and the sooner you get stuck in, the better it is!

Being aware of the difference between education and industry really helped me to prepare for the workplace.

(Shona, ‘18 Hull School of Art and Design)

Everyone at StrawberryToo joined the team within the same year as me, which made the initial process so much easier. I soon realised that that everyone was in the same boat and had been through the same initial nervy and anxious stage too.

I’ve learnt that if a job is completely out of your comfort zone, everyone will understand and they won’t expect you to be an expert from day one. Instead, they’ll provide the necessary training and guidance to make sure that you’re able to carry out the job they require you to do!

Another thing people tend to worry about is the strict schedule of a nine to five job. If you do a job you love and enjoy then the days pass so quickly anyway, and even if you're having a bad day, your team will help get you through those hard days at the office.

My best advice would be to get your foot on the career ladder as soon as you can. This will help you get into the mindset and adapt to the lifestyle quickly!

(Tom, ‘18 apprentice, formerly of Wyke College)

Why is Too great at developing students straight from education?
StrawberryToo was born to give young, budding and enthusiastic creatives a stepping stone from education into the ‘real world’ industry, as this can be a huge change! When I started my apprenticeship placement here I was 17 - fresh out of Wyke College and I’m not going to lie... I thought I was the bees knees and knew everything I needed to know about how to be a designer. Boy, was I wrong… 🙈😂

 During my almost 4 and a half years here, I’ve learnt skills that are invaluable and have allowed me to grow and progress within the company. It’s now my job as Creative Director to ensure my team learn the same skills I was taught, in order to progress during their placements and gain valuable learnings that will benefit their future careers.

 Throughout a typical placement here, you’ll not only learn skills to help develop yourself into a better designer/marketeer, but you’ll also get the opportunity to manage customer accounts, take client meetings, manage projects from start to finish and get first hand experience of what it’s like to work in a design and marketing studio.

 (Jess,‘14 apprentice to ‘18 Creative Director)

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