The pop-up revolution


The pop-up revolution began thanks to a combination of three things: our love for shopping, a wealth of local creativity, and the availability of cost effective short-term leases due to the downturn on our high streets. 💰

Pop-up stores are perfect for start-up ventures that are poor in funds but rich in imagination, allowing them to introduce their offers to the public without costly overheads.

Big brands have jumped on the bandwagon too, establishing pop-ups to reach out to new and existing shoppers, whilst many e-commerce retailers use them to create a unique high street shopping experience. 🛍️

Pop-up spaces are here to stay; by nature they’re the perfect platform for brands to start something from scratch, try out a new look and reframe a product offer whilst creating a more intimate conversation with shoppers. Imagine them as retail’s version of speed dating, if your offering turns out not to be right, you’ll soon find out about it and the beauty of pop-ups, is they’re easy to change to get the offering right!

Take a look at our favourite pop-ups below!

Almost every year, Magnum ice-cream opens up its very own ‘Pleasure Store’, which allows customers to ‘Build Your Own Magnum’. They choose their own elements including ice cream, chocolate and sprinkles, only pausing to Instagram the heck out of it before tucking in. Now, they’re even letting you double-dip your ice creams in two different chocolates! Amazing, right? 😋

What makes this pop-up extremely clever is that Magnum becomes a brand that is synonymous with pleasure, and what’s more pleasurable than creating your very own ice cream in the warm summer months? 😎🍦

Not just a shop - University of the Arts
The University of the Arts opened a retail and working space called ‘Not just a shop’. The store sold artwork produced by the University whilst doubling up as a space for students who are setting up their own business to get support. The space also held networking events and workshops on topics ranging from pricing artwork to intellectual property. This is a great example of how spaces can be utilised for different purposes! 💡

Pantone Café
During the summer months, Pantone explore the ‘Taste of Colour’ through a series of pop-up cafés in Monaco. The menu sells a range of éclairs, coffee, artisan ice-cream, sandwiches and many others, all tinted with precise shades of Pantone.

Wouldn’t you love to grab a strawberry ice juice and a decadent chocolate éclair on your way to work? For now we’ll have to settle with the pictures, but don’t look at them if you’re starting to feel hungry: it won’t help at all! 😂

In conclusion...
Aside the ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ buzz they create, a pop-up can be a powerful hub for a brand to present everything under one roof to new customers, as well as some of its most avid fans. While pop-ups hit fewer people than a big advertising campaign, they enable brands to form new relationships with new people that will hopefully translate into lifelong brand advocacy! 💪

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