Mr Kipling rebrand


The well loved UK baked goods brand, Mr Kipling, has decided to switch things up a little through a logo and packaging rebrand. Grab your Cherry Bakewells or Viennese Whirls and have a read of our thoughts on how this rebrand’s set to impact the Mr Kipling brand.

It’s hoped the rebrand will make the Mr Kipling more sellable and popular within America and Australia. The new branding looks great and should do very well internationally. It’s bright, colourful, appealing, and we all know how delicious the brand is! I’m sure they’ll smash it overseas. 🌊

Less is definitely more this the new Mr Kipling rebrand! 🍰
I love the use of pastel colours. The contemporary feel an appropriate refreshment of the original design. As the aim for Mr Kipling was to make a bigger impact internationally, I think they’ve done the job. This is a super fun, fresh start to the brand that maintains a sophisticated, high-quality packaged cake. Winner, winner!

Mr Kipling’s rebrand for their international markets is a designers dream! 😋 It’s fresh and funky - I love it! 🍰 The bright pastels appear as though they’ve been colour picked from the food photography and have a strong contemporary feel which is particularly successful on the smaller items of packaging. There’s nothing overly ‘flashy’ going on here (except for the foiled badge) - sometimes, simple is best. ✨

Mr Kipling has a new, fresh, modern look for the brand. 😎 It looks like it could have been Mary Berry-inspired with how ace that food looks and has been presented on the packaging. 🍰 The branding, in the past, has seemed quite dated in today's design-world, although it did always have that familiarity to it. It’s great that it’s been maintained and brought into a modern context through the playful font and bright colours. 👍

When the craving strikes and consumers browse the supermarket aisles, overwhelmed by choice, it’s not the flavour that will lure them in, it’s the packaging. 🍰 With no strong existing equity in the international market, Mr Kipling have cleverly reinvented themselves with a much more fresh and contemporary aesthetic, taking inspiration from European patisseries. The pastel colour palette is eye-catching without being too loud, and will hopefully help to position Mr Kipling as an international food brand successfully. 😄

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CreativityJade Woodfield