I’m a Strawberry, get me out of here!


It’s the time of the year where we’re glued to the telly - night after night - watching celebrities tackle some terrifying challenges!

This year, StrawberryToo’s a fearless bunch - full of ambition and ready to face anything that’s thrown their way 💪. Thankfully, we’ve no creepy crawlies lurking around the office - I wonder if we’d remain quite as calm if there were! Reckon the Too team would prove fearless like the jungle Queens and Kings? Or do you think they’d be screaming “get me out of here” as soon as the plane touched down? 😂

Let’s see what they think.

What challenges would you love/hate to tackle?
The challenge I’d love to do most is the Celebrity Cyclone! Other than that, I’d hate them all. 👎🏼 - Jenessa

How would you cope with all the creepy crawlies?
Pretend they are cats 😺 - Shona

Would you rather: eat a witchetty grub hot dog, or drink a fisheye smoothie?
Fisheye smoothie all the way, wouldn't touch that larvae hot dog - Tom

What treats would you spend your dingo dollars on?
Cheese toasties! 🧀 I put cheese on anything and everything so I’d deffo want to treat myself after weeks of rice and beans! - Beth

Would you cope spending the night locked in a box full of rats?
I’d say I could... but it would be the worst night of my life 😭. I’d rather rats than spiders or bugs though! 🙅‍ - Emma

How would you react if you became king/queen of the jungle?
It would come as a real surprise if I got made Queen of the jungle 😂. If I were crowned King, I’d love to do more crazy stuff out of the jungle - I’m thinking Jackass (except maybe not as extreme 😵)! I’d definitely treat myself to a nice, juicy steak afterwards; it’d make a nice change from all the bugs and other weird ‘food’. - Darren

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