eSports marketing


What is eSports?

eSports is basically the broadcasting of competitive video games to a live audience. It’s become really popular over the past few years thanks to social media helping to connect the gaming community online.

Why is it good for brands?
Unsurprisingly, the popularity of eSports has sparked the interest of many brands. Twitch.Tv users watch an average of 421 minutes per month of content, showing there’s great potential to capture an engaged audience.

There are three key components to eSports streaming: the gameplay, the gamers broadcasting, and most importantly, the live chat box. The live chat box gives fans a way to engage with the gameplay and gamer, and influence decisions.

This leads to highly trusted co-creation experiences through the relationship between fans and gamer. These co-creation experiences can be taken advantage of by brands to effectively market their products in a way that the game’s target audience would find appealing.

What are brands currently doing?
Gillette teamed up with League of Legends due to the target audience primarily being young males. They wanted to make a touch point to build trust with the audience, and ensure they were the first brand to be recalled when thinking about razors.

The approach taken by Taco Bell was to get behind the scenes and help with the development of games, and encourage and support newer streamers. Taco Bell did this by setting up network links with other developers, and even giving gamers $500 of free Taco Bell! (Free food for playing games, you can count us in on this one 😉)

The first 24 hour TV programme solely dedicated to eSports. Ginx recorded 280 million viewership in 2017 and has multiple dedicated programmes for games, as well as coverage of major tournaments.

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