6 month catch-up with team Too

Having reached the halfway mark of our time here at Too, we’ve taken a few minutes out to reflect on each of our journeys, discuss our stand-out learnings, and quite importantly - talk about what we’ve all enjoyed!

“What new skills have you learned so far, with Too?”

I’ve learned a lot about the process of preparing a design for print 📑. I’ve also had the chance to use Squarespace, a platform that’s helped me learn a bit more about building websites 🖥. These are things I didn't get the opportunity to learn much about at uni, so it's been great to experience these in an industry environment. - Shona

“How have you found life so far at StrawberryToo?”

Too’s really opened my eyes to loads of opportunities. Coming straight from university, to now taking leadership on projects of all sizes is extremely rewarding. It’s been great for helping me build my confidence, pushing me out of my comfort zone, and of course, developing my marketing skills and knowledge 🙌. I’m super excited to see what the next  6 months have to offer! 😁 - Jen

“What have you enjoyed the most?”

I’ve enjoyed working with lots of different people to get jobs done 💪. Whether that’s fellow designers for tight deadlines, or working with marketers to achieve briefs. Working with the team at Strawberry as well, has given us some insight into bigger projects and what it’s like to work their clients. 🍓 - Tom

“What are you looking forward to in the next 6 months?”

Tackling even more creative briefs for new and existing clients! ✏️ I love that no two days are the same at Too. It really keeps you on your toes, and it’s great to develop skills across multiple areas of design whilst also working with lots of local businesses. I’m looking forward to expanding my skill-set even further over the next 6 month. 💪 - Beth

“How have you found coming straight from university to Too?”

I’ve found the transition an exciting challenge. After developing an academic understanding of Marketing, I’ve had the chance to apply my knowledge with a variety of clients 🤓. Too feels more rewarding than assignments as you see it come to life in front of you from beginning to end. 👌 - Darren

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Darren Smith