Uber rebrand


We’ve asked the team to review Uber's new logo design. Has the rebrand been successful or not?! Take a look at our thoughts below...👀


Uber stress about simplicity on their website and state how black had an “88%” favourability score, and that the typography gives a “Unique and easy to read”. How hard was it to read black font on the original white background? The original design was sleek and simple, going from capitals to lower case font for me does not make a significant impact, even if they are wanting to give the impression they are less corporate to consumers.


Uber really needed a big refresh after all of the recent scandals and stories. The rebrand makes Uber’s branding remain very simple but also modern. I’d like to have to seen some more creativity with the rebrand but the black main colour and white word is quite of the time at the the moment in comparison to the relatively boring white background and black word. Also, all capital letters on logos are beginning to become dated, in my opinion, so this is a very good decision.


Uber’s rebrand gives the company a much needed re-fresh and is definitely a step in the right direction for the company. After their reputation crashed Uber appear to have started building from the bottom, creating a more approachable and encompassing feeling brand. Personally, I feel scrapping the all-caps logo was the right move, although I’d have liked to have seen a bit more personality coming through the logo-mark and branding as a whole.


After several negative news stories and the arrival of a new marketing chief - Rebecca Messina, an Uber rebrand makes perfect sense! In my opinion, the new logo is a major step away from the corporate look and creates a more warm and simplified brand image!


Uber has had a lot of scandals recently which resulted in CEO Kalanick resigning, so I think this is a good way for them to rebuild their brand’s reputation. I feel that it gives them a fresher look that represents them more as a global company, more so than before.


After the company’s backlash of bad press and PR scandals it is great to see Uber moving forward with a fresh and positive rebrand. The logo seems more customer friendly and less invasive than its previous style; I really like how the brand are attempting to rebuild their reputation. However, I am slightly underwhelmed as I feel they are still missing the ‘wow-factor’, but it still won’t stop me from ordering a taxi after a night out!


With Uber spending the past year persuading customers its bad reputation is behind them, I think they have found strength in bringing back the capitalisation of the U. Their use of their typography is clean and well executed but the brand as a whole is forgettable and underwhelming for me. I’m a sucker for iconography though and it im loving their system icons!

Darren Smith