Hull freshers’ week survival guide!

Freshers week is officially here and it’s the first stepping stone in your journey as a student! 🎉 From working out how many shots your budget can be stretched to learning how to use a washing machine; it’s the start of a steep learning curve.

Having successfully survived freshers’ week ourselves, we’re sharing our thoughts, tips, and tricks on how to make the most of it!

What's on?
Be sure to take full advantage of all the party events to celebrate getting into university 💃.

From UV parties with Joey Essex, Bongo’s Bingo, fancy dress and every bar crawl you can imagine - the importance of play is heavy, so enjoy it (whilst you can!)😉.

The Freshers’ Fair is bound to be on your student itinerary! It’s the perfect opportunity to get into campus life and sign up for societies and activities you never knew existed… expect to receive a bunch of freebies (such as pizza 🍕😍), goodie bags and enough pens to last your entire student life and beyond! 😂

Whether you’re an experienced sportsperson ready to join a university team, or a novice looking to try something new - the Sports Fair has you covered! From football to ultimate frisbee, there is something for everyone. ⚽🏅

Hull University Freshers’ Week has so much more to offer such as day trips, quizzes, and even indoor karting - all of which can be booked through the student union site!

Our experience:


Freshers week was the perfect start to my three years at university. Loughborough University is a really big campus and so moving in was initially very daunting but I soon felt welcomed! For me, freshers week was all about meeting people in my halls as well as on my course and forming friendships that I still maintain two years after finishing uni.

There were a lot of events held not only during the nights but throughout the day too all over campus so I soon became familiar with my surroundings, as well as the range of opportunities, clubs, and societies I could get involved with.


Nothing says you’ve arrived at University more than freshers week. I was really nervous before moving away from my small town and very shy and timid, but I quickly adapted. After my parents helped me move in, I waltzed into the kitchen and introduced myself to my new flatmates, and before I knew it we were getting ready to explore what Leicester had to offer.

From freshers fair, society sign-ups and even netball tryouts (I’ll admit I was totally rubbish) and then the ultimate student union nights, my freshers experience really made me break down my shy barrier and push me to become more outgoing! Freshers is a truly brilliant week and I’d encourage anyone to experience it to the fullest (but a quick reminder ditch the heels for trainers).


It’s a no-brainer, freshers week was the most exciting, yet daunting time of my university experience! But after finally meeting my flatmates, I soon realised that everyone was in the same boat and that settling in would be easier than I initially thought!

Freshers week encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone, and provided me with endless opportunities to meet new people, make new friends and really get stuck into life as a university student (without the pressure of lectures and deadlines)!

The most important thing to remember is; Freshers’ Week is all about being open to new opportunities, putting yourself out there, and if all else fails, buying someone’s friendship with pizza! 😃

Darren Smith