Introducing Shona, our new graduate designer

Hey, I’m Shona! ✌️

The new Graduate Designer here at 🍓Too. I have recently completed a Graphic Design BA Hons Degree at Hull School of Art and Design. I am looking forward to getting creative in an industry environment! I am also looking forward to working with clients and attending meetings, this will be new to me!

One interesting and cool fact about you?

Not sure if this is classes as ‘cool’... but I own a fold up bike which I love because it fits in my little car and I can take it anywhere! 🚴‍

What’s your shower song?

Candi Staton - Young hearts run free 🎶

What’s your best chat up line?

Sooooo, do you like pizza? 🍕

Where’s your favourite place in the world?

I don't think I have visited it yet…however a sunset spot in Florence is one of my all time faves 🌅🇮🇹

Most embarrassing thing you’ve posted online?

Probably a ‘like for a rate’ post on Facebook when I was about 14 LOL 🙈

What would be your most likely route to fame?

Never going to happen… however It would be cool to be Insta famous 💁🏽

Which brand inspires your design work the most?

Not one in particular. It all depends on the project. However I am very inspired by anything colourful, cultural and patterned.

What’s your favourite piece of StrawberryToo work from our portfolio?

Zachary’s, I love the colours and the use of pattern!

Set yourself 3 targets to achieve during your time here

Expand my design software skills, learn more about Digital Marketing and to have confident knowledge about each client.

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Alex Manning