Meet Tom, our new apprentice designer!

Hello, I’m Tom, the new apprentice at StrawberryToo 🍓. I have just finished my A-levels at Wyke college. I studied Maths, Graphics, and Computing. I have always been inspired by my cousin who is a designer and he is the reason I ever got into graphics. I am very excited to begin my career here and I plan to excel as much as I can!

One interesting and cool fact about you?

I compete for England in my style of karate. I basically think I am karate kid, the old one though.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Perrie from little mix is amazing. 😍

What’s your best chat up line?

Not gonna lie, I am probably the most ‘unsmooth’ person on the planet, but if i really have to give an answer it would be are you African? Because you are a’frican babe.

What’s your shower song?

It probably varies between Stevie Wonder Superstition and ISpy by Kyle. Very different songs but in the shower I could be a professional 😏

Most embarrassing thing you’ve posted online?

Any picture of myself is pretty embarrassing, my face is not something most people wanna see.

Got any party tricks?

I can balance on my hands if I lay on the floor but that is me scraping the bottom of the party trick barrel - sorry! 🙈

What’s your favourite social media platform and why?

I would say that Instagram is my favourite platform just because i can just sit for hours looking at the recommended posts.

What’s your favourite piece of StrawberryToo work so far?

I really love the Shoot the Bull work. I really like the job Beth has done branding this. The artwork and cool typography is really cool, and would love to learn from her and the other designers on projects like this.

Set yourself 3 targets to achieve during your time here

• I have not worked for or communicated with clients before so i hope to gain experience and skills with working for clients
• Grow my software skills
• Develop my animation and photography skills.

Alex Manning