Does university prepare you enough for the real world?

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Have you just graduated from university? Do you feel prepared to step into the real world? 😎

A big question about university is, does it give you the necessary real life skills to comfortably go straight into a job within your degree subject after graduating? 🤔

Maybe you were excited by the prospects that would come your way once you completed your degree and despite having one hell of a time at uni, you now find yourself struggling to find a job. You may even feel that you lack some of the practical skills that an employer is looking for.

Many job applications ask for a minimum of 1 or 2 years work experience…prompting the infamous question - how do you get experience in the first place? 😣

Thankfully for you, StrawberryToo looks past all of this. Our aim is to give uni and college graduates an opportunity to get that experience, and build practical skills that will help you in your career. 😍👌

We’ve been asking our team their thoughts on this, see what they had to say:

- What have you learnt here at Strawb Too that you didn’t at uni?

Communicative skills 😄. Whether it’s speaking to a client on the phone, via email or in a meeting face to face, it’s something that you can’t really be taught or prepare for at uni. When I first started at Too I was so nervous to make my first phone call to a client, but now I don’t even give it a second thought! 😊

Being at Too has also helped me to hone my design skills 💻. I’ve learnt how to design with a real client in mind, which is very different to a hypothetical target audience from a uni brief! Working with such a variety of clients has also helped me develop into a more well-rounded designer. I’ve worked on projects that have pushed me out of my comfort zone and have skills in areas that I’d never explored whilst at uni.

(Beth, 2018)

-How can uni prepare you better and give you more real life skills?

From my experiences of studying in the UK and abroad, the potential for prospects and preparation for life after uni is very different. In Germany and France, I have known people to take 3 or 4 placements, which is something that is not common in the UK. I think that a greater encouragement and push for sandwich years and internships would help us get the experience and skills that employers after are looking for 🔭. I found that many employers were looking for people with at least 1 years worth of experience, so perhaps a mandatory scheme throughout all degrees is something to be considered to give us graduates a helping hand. 🙏

University for me was very theoretical. Whilst it‘s very important, I think universities could take a more practical approach where we can apply our theoretical knowledge to more projects. The idea of having more projects based on real life situations or maybe even working with real companies, would help us explore our skills and give us something notable to put onto our CV.

(Alex, 2018)

Why is Too great for preparing you for your future career?

StrawberryToo was born to give young, budding and enthusiastic creatives a stepping stone from education into the ‘real world’ industry, as this can be a huge change! When I started my apprenticeship placement here I was 17 years old, fresh out of Wyke College and I’m not going to lie, I thought I was the bees knees and knew everything I needed to know to be a designer. Boy was I wrong… 🙈😂

During my almost 4 and a half years here I’ve learnt skills that are invaluable and have allowed me to grow and progress within the company and it’s now my job as Creative Director of the agency to ensure my team learn the same skills I was taught, in order to progress during their placements.

Throughout a typical placement here you’ll not only learn skills to help develop yourself into a better designer/marketeer, you’ll also get the opportunity to manage customer accounts, take client meetings, deal directly with clients, manage projects from start to finish and get first hand experience to see what it’s like to work in a design and marketing studio.

(Jess, 2018)

What is uni good for & how has it benefited you?

In my experience, university has benefited me in a number of different ways.

The two being my independence and confidence 😄. Believe it or not, before moving out, I was scared to do anything on my own. Going to university forced me out of my comfort zone and made me look out for myself and it made me realise who I am as a person. It gave me the confidence I needed to do my job now to the best of my abilities. 💪

Studying graphic design at university opened up a creative pathway, giving me the freedom and resources to find a style or discipline that I enjoyed and wanted to take further. Our tutors came from various design backgrounds so where able to offer valuable critiques of our work from different perspectives, which pushed my skill level further. Visiting lecturers helped me to make good contacts in the industry, twinned with the end of year degree show that gave me a boost when looking for a job post graduation. 🎓

There are loads more benefits but i wouldn't want to bore you with an essay. I wouldn't change the experience I had for anything!

(Emma, 2018)

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