Hitting the Half Way Line - A Q&A on Marketing with Alex and Sasha.


Time flies when you’re having fun, and we can’t believe our marketeers, Alex and Sasha are now six months into their StrawberryToo placement.

Investing in creativity, as well as enhancing and developing opportunities for students up North, Too is the answer for young people wanting to take their first steps towards a brighter, more prosperous future .

So, let’s find out just what Alex and Sasha have to say about their 6 months in the industry.


1: How has Too helped you in your career development?  

Alex: Coming out of Uni, I had no professional industry experience related to my degree so found it very difficult to break into the industry. As soon as I heard about the set up here at Too, I knew this is what I was looking for!

StrawberryToo has given me that first bit of experience that I needed. During my time here, I have developed so much through working with a variety of clients and from workshops. I have also had the opportunity to team up with the guys over at the big office to work on some big projects that will enhance my portfolio and lets me put everything I have learned so far into practise. 💪

Sasha: Well what can I say, I still can’t believe that it’s been 6 months since I started my Too journey. Working for a creative design and marketing agency has really opened up my eyes to so many opportunities. Coming from university with little industry experience, to now taking leadership on projects of all sizes is not only amazing but incredibly humbling! Too has been great for helping me to build my confidence but also pushing me out of of comfort zone to develop more.🙋

2: What have you learnt?

Alex: My role as a digital marketer has allowed me to try a number of things. My main role has been social media which I am enjoying so much and it’s something I plan to continue doing in the future. You would think a full day of working on it would put you off, it definitely hasn’t. I finish my day at the studio and continue playing at home - I think I’m obsessed… 😬

I’ve also had the chance to practise my skills in many other areas of digital marketing, from SEO, email marketing, copywriting and even some digital. I really think the opportunities in the multiple areas we get to try and the guidance from the guys at Strawberry is great for our development.

Sasha: Goodness - other than knowing I make terrible (but laughable) office jokes😂, I’ve learnt a lot about my skills, areas I am strong in, and areas I could develop. Working in marketing is always going to be fast paced, and with the industry continually evolving, putting 100% into your work is a must.

Marketing has always been something I’ve wanted to learn more about and I’ve had the opportunity gain first hand experience in copywriting, social media, content creation, email marketing and even analytics. It’s just fantastic that in 6 months I have had a chance to do all this and there's still another 6 months to go!

3: What are you enjoying?

Alex: Everything! I love social media and I’m so pleased that this is my job. 🙏 I love creating campaign ideas and building content, ads and strategies around them. I love it when I work with clients that I can really relate to, this is where I think my creativity flows easily.

I like the fact that we have many opportunities to learn as much as possible! The workshops that we have had have been very beneficial and provide us with a chance to ask many questions. It’s also a great environment here at Too, being with like minded people in a similar situation to yourself is very motivating.

Sasha: I love how different my day is. Whether it’s creating strategic campaigns, writing blogs for clients or even attending 1-1 workshops, I am so pleased that every day I am building my marketing knowledge💡 It’s also fantastic that once a week we are given the opportunity to work up at Strawberry. This has really helped me to develop my creativity as well as push me to think outside the box!

4: What has been your favourite project at Too?

Alex: I’ve really enjoyed working on the launch campaigns for Hull Blast. I like building campaign ideas and it’s good to see the reaction from people and watch your pages grow based on what you’ve produced, it’s very fulfilling.

Sasha: This is a tricky one…there has been a lot. I have really enjoyed working on projects for Sessions Spa and Hymers College as they have been really rewarding.

5: 3 things you live by at work?

Alex: Post it notes, tea and hard work! You should see my desk and you’ll see what I mean… 😉

Sasha: In short - a positive attitude, organisation, and plenty of H20📝.

6: Advice for others

Alex: Find something you enjoy and word hard. Go out of your way to learn as much as possible, and it makes it a whole lot easier if you enjoy what you do!

Sasha: It may seem like a basic answer but honestly - NEVER give up! Push yourself to do more, and strive to keep improving on your skills. You’ve got this!

7: Is there anything you're still working on/trying to improve in terms of your skills and knowledge?

Alex: Of course, you can never stop learning or improving. I’m pleased with how I’m developing, and would like to expand my knowledge further across all areas of digital marketing. 😊

Sasha: Most definitely, there is still so much more for me to learn, as they say the world is your oyster! But I definitely want to develop a greater business approach to the industry as well as tackle a few other areas of interest including PR.

Sasha Marjara