Work Experience // Betty Loades


Hello, my name is Betty Loades. I am 14 years old and attend Kelvin Hall School. I enjoy doing art at school and I am studying graphic design, I also love drama and singing. In April I am doing a grade 7 singing exam!

During my time at StrawberryToo I have definitely had the freedom to develop my computer skills by using Illustrator and Photoshop. I was given a brief to create a unique stall idea for the Humber Street Market.

I was shown how to design using Illustrator and mock up my designs using Photoshop, which was something I could never see myself doing as I am not the best with technology and I'm definitely more used to using pen and paper, but I have learned a lot about design and technology over the past week and have really enjoyed it!

I feel like having this knowledge will benefit my studies because I will now be able to use Photoshop in school and use it for my own art projects. I think the highlight of my week has been learning about all the different things I can do on Illustrator as I didn't know anything about this before I came here!

The office has such a nice atmosphere and I love the way it is decorated, complete with a spiral staircase and indoor balcony which I love!

Thank you to everyone at StrawberryToo having me for the week, I have really loved it!