International Women’s Day With Team Too


International Women’s Day is a day of global celebration and appreciation of women internationally. It’s a day of acknowledgement to the powerful women of the past and present, those shaping the world and working to encourage girl power 🌸💪.

#IWD2018 and #internationalwomensday2018 are trending all across social media, so keep an eye out for the hashtag and this year’s theme - #pressforprogress.

Team Too has its share of young and ambitious women, looking to achieve big things in marketing and design 💪. So what does this day represent to them, and what goals do they want to achieve in their careers? 💁


As a driven and ambitious individual, there’s a lot I’d like to achieve in my career. I never accept less than 100% from myself as an individual, so I know that I’ll achieve my goals if I put my mind to it! 😌

Goal 1:

Continue to learn & ask ‘dumb questions’ - IWD reminds me of how fortunate I am to be a woman in a society that encourages career driven woman. I want to make the most out of the opportunites I’m presented with both now and in the future and asking questions in order to better yourself is a sure fire way to do that! 🔝

Goal 2:

See the world - I’ve always loved travelling, and I’d love to incorporate this into my career at some point in the future. If I can’t link it to my career, then I want to continue to travel regardless. Travelling gives you independence as an individual which is empowering in itself. The world is so easily accessible and I want to make sure I make the most of this! 🌎

Goal 3:

Become a director of a successful design agency - This is the biggy! 😬 This goal seems like something that’s in the distant future at the moment - but it’s important to set yourself something to work towards, no matter how big it seems. IWD reminds me of the powerful women in the world who have achieved their goals and blown gender stereotypes out the water, which is something that helps motivate me to push to achieve this goal. So watch this space! 😉


A quote I live by which I think every gal should. “Surround yourself with people who make you feel good and give you positive energy. Be kind to people who don't.” 😊

Goal 1:

To dream big and ask for what I really want. I have spent most of my life wishing and hoping for certain things to come true, without having the nerve to ask for them directly. I want to overcome this and gain the power to speak up and have no fear to say what I want. WE CAN DO THIS GALS 🙌

Goal 2:

Gal’s doing it in design. Which gals wouldn't want to dream big and be like our amazing past director Jade and new fabulous Director Jess 😆. Setting a goal that is well out of reach at this point in my career is something I like to think about - why can’t us girls do it? Jess, our new Director, has shown me that starting as a designer in no way means that you can't make it to the top :)


It’s International Women’s Day and yes, I am loving it! 😍 It’s not just a movement for progress but a global day of appreciation. It’s one day of the year that recognises the value that women bring to all industries and more. To celebrate being a woman in the 21st century is a huge deal - especially as we look back on just how far we have come, I’m just inspired!

Goal 1:

Travel more - travelling not only gives you independence but allows not just women but everyone to widen your thoughts, experiences and meet new people. As women we should value this, you never know who you could meet on your journey and though it can be scary to do it alone, independence should be embraced. 🌎

Goal 2:

Strength, determination and kick ass - Taking a leaf from the Girl Boss herself, Sophia Amoruso I was completely inspired by reading her biography (and of course binge watching the Netflix series). She took action, and is an affluent leader, and I am taking a leaf out of her book (literally) and grabbing any opportunities that come along. Girls - make it happen! 😃.

To top off a wonderful women’s day, our very own creative director Jessica Clark has been sharing her inspiring journey at C4DI  today with her Women in Tech talk! Well done Jess. 👸

We would like to encourage you all to push yourself, and no matter your gender, your race, background etc, everyone can achieve great things and today has really helped to inspire us all! 😊