The Rise and Fall of Vero - A Marketing Review with Sasha.


Attention all marketing fanatics, last weekend saw an ‘unknown’ social media app, Vero, surge the top of Apple App Store download charts, trend on Twitter and even create a storm on Facebook ⚡. Praised as the new Instagram, the question is, is it really all it's hyped up to be? 🤔.

Here is a mini breakdown:

What is Vero?

Vero is not a ‘brand new’ app - it’s just new to the social scene. It was first launched in 2015 and is known as a platform that will not minimise data for advertisements, and hailed as the 4-in-1 app; combining the features of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify into one social space.

What to expect:

Scroll down your Vero feed and you’ll see a lot of images from your favourite fashionistas 👜  some inspirational quotes, and probably a lot of #foodporn🍕😍. You’ll also get regular social updates from those you are following or your followers, but the most interesting part, you’ll see your feed filled with the latest tracks and music releases trending online🎵. To top it off, it's all in a chronological order! 👑

Sounds tempting right?

The reality:

Whilst you may be switching off to go download this ‘genius’ app, hold fire as we’re hearing to tell you the in’s and out’s of this new social app. Tried and tested, and within an hour of getting to grips with it Vero was canceled and wiped away from the home screen (and will not be making a re-appearance anytime soon).

What is arguably meant to be a time saver, is actually far from it.


1. It's FREE for NOW:
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are all free apps to download and use, but soon Vero customers will have to pay to use it💰.

2. Creating your account:
Not only is the process long-winded, it asks for way too much information than you’d expect. Also, pre-warning⚠️, want to deactivate your Vero account? Get ready to email ‘customer services’ with a valid reason and patiently wait.

3.The app is slow:
From not loading, to reloading and even being locked out, the app is not fully functional and is definitely trying to do too much at one time 👾.

4. The design:
Considering the big changes apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have undergone, Vero lacks in creativity, originality and overall appeal to its mass market, and not to mention it isn’t the easiest app to navigate. 🤖

However, though there are many complications the idea of Vero (a app that is a 4-in-1) has some potential, but will need to reconsidered and worked on due to it’s patchy service.

My advice, stick to what you know works, do your research, and don’t always believe what’s trending with social influencers 😹.