Work Experience // Alicia Abbott


Hello, I’m Alicia Abbott (AKA “Tronikall” on Instagram) and I’m a 14 year old artist from Kelvin Hall School. I devote a lot of my time to my work and project and I love music and art, they’re my main artistic influences… hence why I tend to draw the band Blur a lot. 🎸

A collection of my works have been exhibited around the country, viewed by celebrities on social media and even bought, so I take a lot of pride in that. 💪

I worry a lot about my future sometimes, especially with what job I want to go into. Being with StrawberryToo 🍓 this week has been a fantastic help, because now I know what it’s like being an artist in a digital working environment. 👩‍🎨

I’ve also been taught how to use illustrator for my brief - I really enjoyed using it! I can imagine using illustrator again in the future, so using it and learning so early on is definitely going to benefit my future. I also found out about Mockups and how easy they are to do! I now feel more confident with creating vectors and using the complicated effects and tools on the program. Alongside that, the members of Strawberrytoo have been super nice and didn’t treat me like a child - I felt really included. 😸

My brief is based on my main music influence, Damon Albarn. I created a business that sells vintage jackets on an old fashioned bus, owned by Albarn himself. Ironically, I named it “Albarn’s Jacketery” - jacketery isn’t even a word! I created my own logo, drew pictures, made mockups and created a presentation for it all... I managed to get a lot of work done this week. 🖍

Overall, my experience here has been amazing. I’ve been so excited to get to the office every morning, it’s so beautifully decorated and has a nice feel to it, it’d make a great home! I’ve enjoyed doing the work and I’ve not felt afraid to talk to people I’m working with. I really hope I can come back sometime, thank you everyone for making my week great! 💛