Work Experience // Karina Pandher


Hi, my name is Karina Pandher,😊 I am 25 years old and have recently completed my A Level 3D Design course at Hull College and will be beginning an Architecture course at HSAD this September. I applied for work experience at StrawberryToo to get a taste of real industry experience in graphic design before..

During my time here I have been able to not only experience the design and branding side of a digital agency, but also get a insight into marketing too. I was tasked to create a unique and original company that would be located in Hull’s Humber Street Market. As a food enthusiast I decided to create a fish and chips stall! I created leaflets, signage, uniform design and a range of advertising elements to promote it.

During my work experience I’ve learnt lots and gained a wide range of techniques to improve my design work. It was great to be able to refresh my mind from what I have learnt at college.
One of the things I really enjoyed this week was learning how to design in Illustrator. At first I found this challenging πŸ’ͺ🏽 but with some great guidance from the team I feel so much more confident using the adobe suite now! (Take a look at my mockups below 😎)

StrawberryToo has inspired me so much, that I am even considering following my Graphic Design passion - thanks guys! πŸ“ I am grateful to have met such lovely people, and I have enjoyed every single day here. πŸ’•