Work Experience // Sophie O’Callaghan

Hi! My names Sophie, I’m 15 years old and a student at Hymers College. I’m currently studying 9 GCSE subjects, some of which include English, Business, Maths, and History!

I have loved every minute of my work experience at StrawberryToo. It has been so eye-opening and an experience I truly won’t forget.

This week in the studio I have worked on social media content, brand research, graphic design and even briefs to do with real clients, which was totally amazing! The clients I worked on were new and exciting, which allowed me to be super creative and think outside the box. I loved it! ❤️

The studio has been such a cool and inspiring place to work in. The atmosphere has really inspired me to engage in the tasks and has been a great environment for development. This experience has been very affirming and as I’m still only 15, it’s allowed me to see a whole new side to social media, design and branding that I have never seen before!

I have to thank everyone at StrawberryToo for making me feel extremely welcome and comfortable during my time in the studio, you’ve really made me feel a part of the team, and Pizza for lunch was ace! I would especially like to thank Sasha for being so encouraging and helping me along the way. 👭

This week I’ve learnt that digital marketing is definitely something I would love to do in the future.

I have had the best week with StrawberryToo, thank you for the amazing opportunity! 💋