They say all great things must come to an end :(

For our graphic designers, Will and Joey, their placements with us here at StrawberryToo have come to an end. We’ve had the pleasure of having Will on our team for 2 years now, and Joey for a year. They're now Too graduates and will be flying the nest off onto their next career adventures.

What have you learnt during your time at Too?

J: I’ve learnt a range of new skills, from building an engaging website on SquareSpace to expanding my knowledge with print processes. I now feel that my style of design has become much more diverse and well rounded. I’ve developed as a whole, not only in terms of design, but professionally and personally too.

W: It’s been such a massive learning curve that I just don’t know what to pick! I think the key thing I’ve learnt is how to approach and dissect different briefs for such a variety of different clients. What seemed like a daunting task at first, now is an excitable challenge, especially when you’re given a project you never thought you would get to work on and then see it through from brief to launch!

Favourite project you’ve worked on?

J: Choosing a favourite is so hard! I think I’d have to say the Simon Farrar website. I got to get stuck into every aspect of this project, from designing the website to being involved in the photography! See if you can spot me on there ;-)

W: My favourite project would definitely have to be Artwaves. It gave me the freedom to come up with a design concept which spoke to people with the same love and yearning for art and design as me. I didn’t just do what was asked and really pushed my creativity and skill.

What are you looking forward to doing next?

J: I’ll be honest, taking a little break! I’ll be heading on holiday, then planning my next career move. I’ve always dreamed of moving to Vancouver after holidaying there when I was younger, so this could be a possibility. My interest is within branding specifically so wherever I end up, it will definitely be within a branding studio.

W: I’m just looking forward to seeing what comes next for me and taking my next big career step. I’ve loved being able to work on so many different projects for startups and local businesses, but I now can’t wait to get stuck into something larger scale for a bigger business.

Would you recommend the Too experience?

J: Absolutely. It’s been a brilliant start to my career and has allowed me the time to speed up my workflow from University pace to agency / studio pace. Working with the team has been a highlight for me too, everyone within the studio is there to help you develop and vice-versa.

W: I already have! Students don’t realise how much there is to learn coming from University and going into the industry - there is so much you haven’t been taught yet. StrawberryToo was the perfect place for me to start to develop my skills, as well as learning new ones, to the best they could possibly be. Rather than being dropped in the deep end, not knowing whether I’d sink or swim.

Favourite piece of work by a fellow StrawberryToo designer?

J: When I first applied for Too, I said that White Rabbit was my favourite. As my style has developed and I’ve been opened up to more styles, I’d have to say the work Will did on ArtWaves is now my favourite.

W: My favourite piece has to, and always will be, the Zachary's Ice Cream project by Jess. I just thought it was something completely different and nothing I had seen before. Seeing it all in the flesh at the shop just shows it off to the fullest. Great work Jess!

Best Fat Friday lunch?

J: As the team know, I don’t usually have Fat Fridays because I eat super clean, so I’d have to say the day I ate two Bounce protein balls in one afternoon! That was a wild one ;-)

W: Two years worth of Fat Fridays and I have to choose one?! The most memorable one will always be when we ordered burgers and hotdogs! Simply divine :-)

The thing you will miss most?

J: The rest of the team, of course! Get yourself signed up!

W: The people I have spent the last 2 years with! It’s been fantastic and a brilliant experience, but it wouldn’t have been made all that without the team.

We wish them both all the best in the future - you’ll smash it! 💪🏻