Welcome to the team, James Elvin!

Hello. James here, the new kid on the block at StrawberryToo who can’t wait to get stuck in!

Having graduated in Marketing from the University of Hull in June last year, I joined the guys over at big Strawberry as part of their online advertising team. I worked there for a while, and had already planned on going travelling from November onwards for around 6 months. Now, I’m back and working here at Too to bring a new aspect of marketing to the agency - I’m excited to be working in a great new role with the team here!

What's your most used emoji?

Some say I’m cheeky and I love to laugh so it’s definitely Speak-No-Evil Monkey! 🙊  

What's your favourite shower song?

It has to be Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap. I’m not sure anybody else would like to hear me sing it though.

What would you like to change about the office interior?

I like quirky so I think the office is pretty cool, perhaps a little more colour on the walls wouldn’t go amiss. I’m not a designer though!

What's the worst (or best) lie you've ever told?

I really struggle to tell porky pies as I tend to squeak a little - I get figured out far too easy.

What's your favourite piece of StrawberryToo work so far?

I’d say Shoot The Bull. Not only do I love good food, I appreciate the effort from the team which has been put into creating a quality brand and website for a great local business.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever posted online?

I’m sure I just used to post the word ‘Potato’ a lot when I was younger :/.

What’s the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

I was giving my car a wash and must have cleaned the glass too well. Later in the day I smashed my hand against the window thinking it was open. Not funny at the time, but looking back I had a good laugh!

What aspect of Marketing are you most excited about introducing to the Too team?

I’m here to help our clients progress and improve. Hopefully my introduction will bring a new dimension to StrawberryToo in terms of online advertising, marketing strategy and what we can offer as an agency.