Our favourite Instagram #Inspo

Down at the StrawberryToo studio, we’re always on Instagram. We love gathering inspiration from everywhere and we all know that Instagram is a #inspo hub. Check out our graduates’ current favourite accounts!



Talk about colour co-ordination! I love Instagram accounts with a set theme and this one is very satisfying to look at. I love the fact they post in threes and the layout is the same every time.


Connor is a popular Youtuber and even though I don’t watch his videos, I really love his photography style. His photos are quirky and often capture small things you wouldn’t normally notice… He is also the king of filtering and his feed always has a slightly mysterious theme.



You’ll have noticed that these symmetrical drawings have become very popular on Facebook and Instagram recently...check these out. So satisfying!


Struggling to capture a certain mood in your design work because your colour pallet isn't quite right? Immerse yourself in these colour combos!



Their digital look for print graphics and illustrations makes them stand out from other accounts. They are bringing a new look to old techniques for graphics.


Run by my friend, it showcases multiple designers and illustrators. What a nice way of finding up and coming designers and inspiring new trends.


They are sign and mural painters with fantastic lettering work which shows that sometimes the old ways are the best ways.



Having a daily dose of icon design is something an icon geek like me loves! They post one high quality design a day from a different designer which is a great way of recognising the design talent out there.


There are some brilliant Instagram accounts for type inspiration, but Typespire is definitely one of the best. They showcase a brilliant range of lettering techniques and styles: check it out!


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Jessica Clark