We take a trip to G.F. Smith

Paper and its endless possibilities ignited G . F Smith’s love and passion for what they do and StrawberryToo loves G . F Smith. Their product defines creative projects and inspires working designers. The outstanding quality and unique colours of their paper is just the beginning of the beauty of their products endless possibilities.

Our admiration of the legendary paper company only grew (if that’s even possible) after our fascinating tour of their fantastical factory. Observing their tailored and highly bespoke services demonstrated a level of craft and customisation almost impossible to recreate. Embossing paper for bespoke envelopes, we got a behind the scenes sneak peek at it all. So, obviously, we thought we’d share our best bits with all you design fanatics.

The entire building is a spectacle in itself, from mushroom stool chairs to, soundproof pods to the famous paper wall! But the best part has to be seeing just what G. F Smith can do with paper. Trust us when we say it’s a lot, and more than you could ever imagine.

We discovered and witnessed how they emboss their paper, create album covers (the pleating of the corners is REALLY impressive) and how bespoke envelopes are pressed and made. We even had a go at hand folding our own. Touring the factory also saw us exploring the colour plan stock room, including a forklift ride 9.9m high to the top shelf of paper! Ending our tour with a behind the scenes look at their finished products in the sample room, including previous client projects, put into perspective not only their talent for all things paper but their diversity too.      

Our time in the G . F Smith factory has certainly revived our excitement for paper. We even spotted a hint of StrawberryToo pink.

Jessica Clark