DoubleTheSpiel? Twitter to Increase its Character Count 🔢


Officially, Twitter announced it’s trial to test a new word character limit of 280 on a small majority of users a month ago. But why? 🤔

Twitter’s USP has always been its 140 character limit - that’s what set it apart from Facebook and we’re all used to it. For most of us this means multiple tweets to form a full paragraph - for big brands, this resulted in finding ways to condense info into one post. The TRAUMA. 😂

It seems the Twitter bosses are feeling it too - they reckon that those tweeting in languages such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese can fit in around double the information per character as each symbol has its own unique meaning. That’s why they’re tweeting much more than other!

Twitter Product Manager, Aliza Rosen says: “Trying to cram your thoughts into a tweet – we’ve all been there, and it’s a pain”. Aliza, we hear you! 👐

But does having to be more precise and short with our tweets have an effect on us? 💭

Twitter is planning on testing the new character count in English speaking countries. Let’s hope our attention spans are a little longer - the increase will hope to relieve tweeters to edit their thoughts, that content could become dramatically meaningful rather than snappy outbursts!

We’ll see changes in how journalists report the news, more space for advertiser content, but most importantly… will Donald Trump’s tweets be as entertaining?

It's the age old debate, quantity or quality? 🙍