Work Experience Placements up for Grabs!


We’re super proud of the work experience programme we’ve developed over the last 3 years. We host college and university students plus recent graduates for one week every week of the year (apart from Christmas, even us eager beavers don’t work then 😉), which means we always have a new pretty face in the office to get to know ☺️. In 3 years we have met over 400 new young creatives through this commitment, some of which have even gone on to work for us!

Our placements are for anyone looking for a real insight into agency life and wanting to try their hand at a range of challenging design and marketing briefs in a refreshing studio setting. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or experience to do your week here, just a positive attitude and a big appetite for Fat Fridays. 😉

So why is work experience important?

Work experience is an ace way to get your foot in the door of your dream career and learn more about your potential path. You’ll meet cool new people in the industry, widen your knowledge and build up a CV to impress - sounds great, right? It’s not just an advantage when it comes to job searching - it can also help you nail your uni personal statement and get on that all important course you’ve been aiming towards.

We are currently fully booked until May 2018 😮, so for those looking for a summer placement, you best get booking! 👊

📩 Email whether you would like work experience in design or marketing, along with the dates you would like to join us on! We can’t wait to have you.