Are Facebook Stories Failing?

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Over the years, social media has developed at the speed of lightning and the content trends have varied massively too. When I took my first steps onto social media, I started out on Facebook. Back then, your typical posts were things like ‘rate me’ ‘ASL’ and using ‘txt tlk’ was at it’s real peak.🙉 The introduction of other new social media concepts such as Instagram and Snapchat caused a shift towards the type of content that was being pushed across all platforms. Instagram brought photos to the frame 😉 - leading to an increase in image based content and the popular trend of meme’s - I can’t deny it, I’m impartial to a good meme 😌. Snapchat formed with their famous ‘10 second rule’ and as the first app to notify people of screenshots being taken of content. Awkward for some!

Photo’s then developed into videos. The spam of Vine video’s increased until they eventually crashed, partly due to the inter-link of footage spreading across other platforms, just like  Facebook, which adopted this as it’s new favourite purpose for users. Snapchat launched a new idea of ‘stories’ and being very successful with this, Instagram copied and managed to reflect this success on their own platform. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, it seems obvious that Facebook would try to replicate the successful new feature and eventually monopolise the market, posing a larger threat to new and existing competitors.😈

Despite the success on Instagram, Facebook appears to be really struggling with this one. Most probably, like me, your Facebook stories have been non-existent. Cue the tumbleweed.😐 Facebook originally disabled the ability for business pages to use stories, but now, to try and fill up the space to create a push of interactivity, this is something that Facebook are doing. They are now also allowing people to share their Instagram stories onto Facebook. This could be hugely beneficial as people are highly engaged with Instagram stories. For the majority, it’s their first place of action for story posting now over Snapchat. So the quick and simple option of sharing through multiple platforms from one source application would potentially help to increase the chances of success for Facebook stories.

Let us know what you think, will Facebook’s story feature ever be a success?😌