The Final Q&A with Beckie and Liam


StrawberryToo provides a platform for University graduates to begin building their careers. It offers fresh marketers a great opportunity to boost their strategic approach and understanding of how to gain amazing results and designers the chance to add a couple of vector steps in their career ladder. 😉 We’ve had some great individuals pass through StrawberryToo over the last 3 years, and sadly but proudly, we will see 2 more go through this process this week.

The time has come to say a massive thank you, good luck and a very sad goodbye to our Marketing Executive Beckie who has been with us 18 months, and our Graphic Designer Liam, who has completed his 3 month internship, as their placements come to a close. 😅

We thought we’d catch up with them and find out how they have found their time at StrawberryToo!

What skills have you developed?

B: My efficiency and maturity when it comes to tackling tasks has improved by a long shot! I think a lot more strategically now on projects instead of just writing things that sound nice - they always have a purpose. I’ve loved learning more about SEO, something I was familiar with but couldn’t even understand a guide for dummies on before, and about the creative process in general from start to finish. Much to the designers probable dismay, I really enjoy briefing them with my ideas for social graphics and seeing how they turn my bad stick drawings or word vomit into great graphics! 😂

L: I’d say one of the main things I have developed is my ability to create designs for a variety of different formats, whether it be a small digital advertisements for web or a large scale print. I have also worked on some animated projects using GIF’s and MP4’s, something which I have never really had the opportunity to try up until joining StrawberryToo.

How have you developed personally?

B: I think I’ve grown up a lot since I began my placement. I can see that in my work and how I speak to clients. From my previous job in the industry, I’d gotten used to working alone or with one other person, so learning to use and work with the team around me, knowing they’ll do an ace job, has been great.

L: I’d say my communication has developed. I tend to be a quiet person but having to answer calls and speak to groups of students in the studio has certainly gave me some more confidence for the future and I enjoy having the chance to practice and develop my communication further.

Did the placement exceed your expectations?

B: When I joined the team, I never thought I’d be leading projects and managing clients myself, so it has definitely exceeded all expectations.

L: I was expecting to be working on the less important projects (and make a lot of coffee 😂☕️) but I was pleasantly surprised to be given work for larger projects and clients so quickly into my placement. I like the fact I was given some real responsibility from day one.

What was your favourite project?

B: I’ve absolutely loved working on the Yorkshire Dales Food & Drink Festival the past 18 months. It has been my biggest and most challenging account, but also the most exciting. It was my first taste at thinking more strategically and measuring results to come up with further strategies. I’ve been fully immersed in every part of it from the content writing and graphic creation to even getting to manage the ‘on the day’ media team!

L: My favourite project is one that hasn’t gone live yet, so I probably can’t say much about it but It was very much a project suited to me and I loved creating some of the design content for it! I’m sure you’ll see it soon 😜

Any advice to future graduates leaving university next year?

B: There are so many opportunities out there waiting, it’s just about applying your skills and what you’ve learnt to nail that interview. I’d advise starting the job hunting process early if you want to go straight into your career, most places advertise much earlier than you’d think! I think it’s important not to settle for less than the best too - it’s easy to fall into the trap of applying for anything and everything and accepting the first offer, when actually if you’d have waited a little longer, you could’ve bagged your dream job.

L: Being proactive and applying early would be a big boost and getting work experience is a good way to introduce yourself to an agency before leaving university. I was fortunate that StrawberryToo saw my work at my degree show and invited me to an interview, so make sure you put maximum effort into your work because you never know who is looking at it!  

The thing you’ll miss the most about Too?

B: The team. These guys make coming to work enjoyable and we can have a laugh in and out of work. I’ll also miss Fat Fridays - it’s my only excuse for my bad diet! 😜

L: I’ll miss working on some of the exciting projects. It was great seeing them through from start to finish and although I won’t see some of them finished, it’s nice to know I had some input into them. I’ll also miss working in this environment around people in my own age range. 😄

How has Too helped you prepare for your next career step?

B: My confidence has grown so much since joining the team and I will definitely take that forward with me. I’ve always had a lot of self doubt in my ability, but I can safely say that Too has made me realise how wrong I was to doubt myself and that I can actually produce great work clients will love. 😄💪

L: I now have 3 months of solid experience under my belt, which not a lot of graduates can say at this point so soon after leaving university. I now feel better prepared for the next stage of my career, wherever that may be.

What are you going on to do next?

B: I want to pursue my love of crime (not the committing of it 😂). I’ve always had a passion for Criminology but never thought to do anything about it. I’d love to try my hand in the field!

L: Ideally I’d love to stay in Hull working for another agency on a permanent basis, although my dream job would probably be working for a big sports label like Nike or Adidas.

How much weight have you put on from Fat Fridays?

B: Well… Since everyday is pretty much Fat Friday to me, I think I should carry on avoiding the scales until further notice. 🙈
L: To be honest Fat Friday is basically the same food I eat the other 6 days of the week 😂. I suppose it may do my body some good to have a few Fat Fridays off...

What would you say was your best ‘LOL’ moment?

B: There have been so many! One of my favourite memories isn’t one I was directly involved in, but it was hilarious as a bystander and that was the rap battle at the Christmas party. It was so catchy, I can still remember some of the lyrics now…

L: I’d have to say it was when the Creative Director from Strawberry called and I thought he said his name was ‘Tom’ but it was in fact ‘Dom’, that produced a few laughs in the studio. 😂

We’ve loved every minute of your time here! Thanks for being so awesome and good luck with everything! 👊🏻🍀 We’ll miss you!