Beverley Racecourse Sun Cream Campaign Concept Nominated for Award!


We’re delighted to share the news that our creative concept for a campaign on behalf of Beverley Racecourse has been nominated in the Racecourse Association’s Showcase & Awards 2017 for the Community and Corporate Social Responsibility award! 👏😎

The project was worked on by Account Manager, Jade and designer, Elliot, highlighting awareness of Skin Cancer for Yorkshire Cancer Research with the message of ‘Sun’s Out, Gun’s Out, But Remember To Protect Your Skin’. This initiative was created by Beverley Racecourse who installed sun cream stations around the venue for spectators to use during the hotter months of the race fixture season. They also sold some really cool UV wristbands that change colour when you need to reapply your sun cream, with all proceeds going to YCR.

When we first heard about this campaign we thought it was a fantastic idea and couldn't wait to get stuck into the creative concept for the print posters and digital graphics. We designed a male and female version with different messages to appeal to the two audiences.

Here’s Elliot’s reaction to the news, “It’s nice to see the racecourse get some recognition for taking the initiative. Skin cancer is a serious issue and it’s easy for people to forget about the repercussions of being out in the sun on a day like the races. The design took a more whimsical approach, just to try a different angle at getting peoples attention, as we too often turn a blind eye to the doom and gloom these communications often represent. Ultimately, the aim was to not scare people, but offer them a friendly reminder. It’s playful and summery, but it still carries that important message.”

Let’s hope Beverley Racecourse come away with the award for this fantastic campaign with a worthy message! 🏆