Instagram 4 Photo Grid Layout Plans - Our Reactions


(John Aldred/ 📷)

Queue a storm in the Instagram world… 🌊😁 It has become a possibility that Instagram are considering a new design layout, switching from the traditional 3 photo grid layout to a new styled 4 photo grid. There have been recent tests, which people have been reacting to across all the social platforms having seen a temporary difference to their Instagram pages, which has caused confusion and led them to the conclusion that Instagram are preparing for a change. We’ve gathered the reactions of our Marketers and Designers here at StrawberryToo...


I think that because Instagram is for mobile, a 4 photo layout is just going to make the images too small and too busy. Instagram is supposed to be for imagery, but making them smaller is just going to It would look good on desktop, but it’s not really used for that. It will just ruin the appearance of so many accounts, which will not go down well! But, I trust things to work out. I remember people reacted badly to their new logo and layouts, but we adapt and grow into it eventually, it’s just what will happen with this as well. Plus, we can’t resist to not use Instagram! 😌


I really like the 3 column layout - it has always been this way and some accounts have managed to create some really cool and creative linked images which I think, are really effective. Why fix something that isn't broken? It's a no from me!


It will be a major change but with technology gradually increasing in size it makes sense. Apple releasing the new Iphone X means our screens will be larger and the insta grid will correspond well with the edge to edge display. It could be a insta rebirth!


On the surface, Instagram scrapping their 3-grid system in favour of 4-grid one seems like change for change’s sake. It’s fixing something that isn’t broken. Many Instagrammers curate their posts to make aesthetic use of the grid as it is, posting e.g. 3 linked images, and I’ve always enjoyed looking at accounts like this. Needless to say, having a 4 columned grid would completely mess up these accounts and annoy a lot of people.

That being said, I think having a 4 columned grid has its perks. Many people’s mobiles are bigger than they were when Instagram originally launched, and having an extra column would mean that more content could be viewed at once, without the thumbnail size being compromised. This could prove beneficial to a lot of the app’s users.

Introducing a new grid system would be risky for Instagram, but it could pay off. It would provide Instagrammers with a new challenge and provide even more opportunities for creative layouts. Overall I’d welcome the change, I think people just need to keep an open mind if Instagram do go ahead with the change. 😊


When I heard Instagram might be changing to 4 squares across instead of 3, I wasn't too keen on the idea. Having 3 images across gives users easier viewing, for me, having 4 images cramped across my small iPhone screen would be hard to view properly. It's also sure to annoy many brands and users who make use of spreading graphics across multiple squares, as their patterns won't look right anymore! The only good thing about having 4 squares across for my personal profile, will be to spread out my selfies more! 😉


I’d still have the 3 column grid, but if Instagram were to fully swap to 4 columns I’d be a bit disappointed. Instagram has slowly climbed well above the the likes Facebook and Twitter in my opinion but they could be about to derail if they start messing around with the layout that many users have come to love. As a creative I enjoy scrolling through well thought out instagram profiles, some people spend a lot of time perfecting their photos within the 3 columns, so this would ruin the hard work they have created, of course you could argue that 4 columns opens up the possibility for more creativity but like they say 3 is the magic number.

Are you for or against, either way let us know what you think? ☺️