Keeping the talent up North (where it belongs!)

Team StrawberryToo

We’re that design and digital agency working to prove that graduates don’t need to move to bigger cities such as London and Manchester after University to be able to have a successful and rewarding career in the marketing and design industry. 

There’s just as much going on in the North East that allows us to contend digitally and creatively as much as any other region in the UK - so why shouldn’t the homegrown talent be kept up North where it belongs? 

Five of our current seven team are university graduates, four having studied outside of Hull, who have returned back to take up their roles as graduate designers or marketers in the StrawberryToo squad. We change our team yearly, offering placements to newly graduated individuals with one clear aim: to nurture Hull’s young creative talent and supply battle ready creatives, prepared to evolve Hull’s digital scene.

We’re also unique in that we continually offer work experience placements; we are always looking for college or university students to join us for a week and, by working closely with local colleges and sixth-form schools, we’ve forged really successful working relationships. We really believe in cultivating young, creative Northern talent.  

We’re approaching our 3rd birthday and 4th ‘Recruitment Open Day’, showing that Hull’s creative scene and StrawberryToo has the pulling power - and, what’s more, we’re here to stay!

Take a look at what our current graduates had to say about Hull and what it is about StrawberryToo that they just couldn’t resist…  

Beckie: “I really wanted to be in back to Hull for the City of Culture year - I just couldn’t wait to see how the city and the creative industry would be impacted by it. I considered staying in Manchester as I enjoyed living there, but this agency seemed like the perfect fit for me, more so than anything I could’ve ever found in Manchester, and it meant I got to contribute to Hull’s thriving digital scene. I loved the fact the agency was specifically for graduates and apprentices, just like me.”

Will: “I grew up in Lincoln but knowing there was potential to work in the creative industry in a neighboring city, I couldn’t miss the chance. A lot of agencies wanted vast amounts of experience, even though I was a full time student, whereas StrawberryToo offered that stepping stone without the added pressure. The idea of developing without the worries of having to know everything when leaving University attracted me the most.”

Joey: “With 2017 being the year that Hull’s City of Culture was finally kicking off, it seemed like an exciting time for the city and a great time to come back to kickstart my career. Too was the only agency that I applied for. I wanted to be in an environment where I could adjust to industry life quickly and learn from a range of creative minds in the same position as me. StrawberryToo, with the support and experience of Strawberry, was the only place within East Yorkshire I thought would be the perfect place for me to do this.”

Sophie: “After spending my time travelling around the world after graduation, I found myself missing the quirky things about Hull - the sense of community, the people and the feeling of it being a city on the up! I joined Too initially on a 2 week work experience placement and knew it was somewhere I could see myself more long term from day one - the close-knit team, fast paced & learning opportunities that are available here are unlike anywhere else I’ve ever worked. With sister agency, Strawberry’s, reputation in the area and StrawberryToo’s unique business model, why would I not want to work here?” 

James: “Hull is thriving - it’s great to see the city earning a great name for itself. It’s becoming a real hotspot with huge potential in the digital industry, so it’s a great place to be moving forward as a marketing graduate. Working at Strawberry meant I knew that Too was progressing and I wanted to be part of it - to help the company grow and to develop my own skills alongside young, driven, creative talent - the decision to work here was a no brainer. I was very lucky to obtain a graduate position at Strawberry straight out of university, given how established the company is and alongside the events due to come with the ‘City of Culture’ label, moving away from the city didn’t cross my mind.”

Does this sound right up your street? You’re in luck! We’re hosting a recruitment open day for budding marketers and designers on Friday 26th May. To receive an invite in your inbox, simply apply online today. 

We hope to see you there. ☺️